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For San Diego-area residents, La Jolla Facial Plastic Surgery offers fat transfer as part of its comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation. Dr. Victor Chung understands that, when it comes to facial aging, wrinkles are only part of the equation. Diminished volume in the cheeks, chin, lips, and beneath the eyes can contribute to a gaunt, "deflated" appearance that exacerbates sagging, lines and creases. During autologous fat transfer, Dr. Chung uses unwanted fat from your own body to selectively add volume to your face, creating a soft, youthful-looking appearance that's completely customizable.

To learn more about fat transfer and all of its applications, request a consultation online or call our office at (858) 461-0383.

Elements to Consider

Fat transfer is an incredibly versatile procedure that can be customized to meet your unique needs. During your consultation, Dr. Chung performs a thorough physical examination and discusses your aesthetic goals with you to help you understand the process of your surgery as well as the type of results you can anticipate. He will also discuss the option of injectable fillers and discuss the pros and cons of each procedure.

Although fat transfer uses unwanted fat from one part of your body (typically your abdomen or thighs) to augment your face, it's important to remember that this type of procedure will not result in a significant recontouring of the donor area. Dr. Chung emphasizes that the fat removed during this procedure is only about 5% of the fat that would be removed during a typical liposuction procedure.

Fat transfer can be used to improve various aspects of the face, including flattened cheeks, hollows beneath the eyes, and even lost volume around the jawline. During your consultation and subsequent pre-op appointments, Dr. Chung carefully guides you through your procedure. Although it can be done as a solitary procedure, fat transfer is often an important part of facelift, eyelid lift, and other facial rejuvenation procedures.

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Your Fat Transfer

Your fat transfer begins when Dr. Chung uses gentle technique and a thin, hollow tool called a microcannula to remove a small amount of fat from your preferred donor site. He then purifies the fat in a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the fat from other material, including blood, making it suitable for transfer. He adds the purified fat to a syringe and carefully injects it into the areas of your face that you've discussed until the desired contours are achieved.

Dr. Chung gives you much more specific details on the sequence of your procedure while you plan your surgery together.

Recuperating at Home

Recuperation following fat transfer can vary widely from person to person depending on the specifics of the procedure. For example, if your fat transfer was performed as part of a facelift, you may require about 2 weeks of rest at home before returning to your normal activities. On the other hand, if your fat transfer was a solitary procedure, you can anticipate a shorter, less involved recuperation. During your consultation, Dr. Chung helps you understand what you can expect.

Long-Term Results

Today's fat transfer techniques yield results that are far more consistent than they once were. Fat transfer is a permanent solution to lost volume – it can create outcomes which you can enjoy for many years.

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